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COVID-19 is making our world more touchless than ever. Protect yourself and others by installing new, touchless equipment in your commercial space. At the same time, save water (it’s a win-win)! But, before committing to anything our commercial plumbing experts can help educate you on the new technology. Let’s dive in.

Commercial Plumber Explains New Touchless Technology

  • What You Need to Know Prior to Implementing the Newest Water Efficient Technology
    • We at Moonlight Plumbing, your trusted commercial plumber, are committed to global water conservation.
    • We use products made by Sloan, a company that also focuses on making water conservation a top priority.
    • The products we use are the leaders of the industry in water efficiency. Compare Sloan’s products to industry averages in the full article.
    • Also know, Sloan is the first manufacturer to receive IAPMO green-certified products for commercial plumbing systems. What does this mean? We use top of the line equipment here at Moonlight Plumbing to install in your commercial space.
  • Other Touchless, Water-Efficient Equipment Options
    • The most popular, and most recommended piece of technology, is our toilet handle option called “1.28 GPF Closet Flushometer”. It uses 20% less water than a typical 1.6 GPF handle commonly used by other companies.
    • Another option to save costs on water at your commercial space, we also have hybrid urinals. This urinal eliminates the water flush and integrates an automatic drain line purge to save on water usage and costs.
    • To compliment the above to products, choose from our selection of sinks as well. These sinks differ from basic models in that they are battery and solar-powered. This results in 60% less water usage and savings of up to 40% in water costs.
    • Lastly, another product option is shower heads. Our shower heads take the average from 42,000 gallons of wastewater to 8,300 gallons per day (80% decrease)! How? Because of the top-rated, programmed water technology in the equipment.

We’re Here For You

With commercial projects, it’s important to find and hire a reputable plumbing contractor you can trust. Our team of experienced plumbers promise to deliver high-quality work the first time around. We understand how important it is to meet deadlines and stay within approved budgets, which is why we work together to find the perfect solution for your plumbing needs. If you haven’t yet, call our top-rated plumbers at Moonlight Plumbing today to schedule an appointment!